Nach Ihrer Rundreise durch verschiedene Weinregionen mit dem DWI schrieb LEE HEWITT in der TORONTO SUN: Thirty minutes down the road we find tiny Sulzfeld am Main, a delightful town that should meet any European visitor's quaint quota. But thank goodness not many of those tourists seem to have found it on the day we visit. There's not a tour bus in sight to clog up the cobblestone streets. Ringed by watchtowers and Roman walls, the town retains its medieval character. The BMWs winding down the narrow streets, though, remind us how times have changed somewhat. Nowhere is that more true than at the Vinotel Augustin, a surprising gem of a hotel nestled on the outskirts of the old town. Rooms have been redone in recent years to take on various themes -- from New York style "Loft" to "Zen" and even an all-white "Space" room. It's all expertly done, bringing cosmopolitan luxury instead of cheesy kitsch. In the "Tropical" room, where I stayed, a massive ceiling fan kept the climate cool and bamboo decor adorned the walls. The room key came on a giant wooden flip-flop.

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